DENTON — Giving back to the community is one of many traits to describe the Rotary Club of Denton and its mission to help others.

Interim President Ann Jacobs started her first day on the job hosting a meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 8, at the Chesapeake Culinary Center, with 19 people in attendance.

Jacobs, a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Denton for three years and executive director of the Caroline County Chamber of Commerce, will lead the Rotary Club until June 30.

The meeting invited discussion on ways the club can work with the Boy Scouts of America locally.

“Each local Rotary club gives back to the community in their own way,” Jacobs said. “Rotary is an international organization that does a lot with youth and encourages others to give back.”

“We are a group people who like to do community service,” outgoing president Patrick Allison said. “We are a growing organization and look to take on new projects to raise money to help area residents and their needs.”

Powder Mill Senior District Executive Hunter Layne and Field Director Paul Odom, both staff members of the BSA’s Delmarva Council, were guest speakers. The council covers 14 counties, from Claymont, Del., to Cape Charles, Va.

“There are an estimated 40,000 community service hours combined in Talbot, Dorchester, Caroline and Queen Anne’s counties” Layne said. “That results in about $450,000 in resources.”

“We could not accomplish all of this without our volunteers,” Odom said. “They pick up so much slack and we can always count on them to deliver for us.”

Rotary Clubs support about 10,000 youth in the Delmarva Council area region.

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