DENTON — Three-term sheriff of Caroline County, Randy Bounds has announced he will not seek another term. After serving 40 years in law enforcement, Bounds said it was a tough decision, but one that will ultimately allow him to spend more time with family, especially his grandchildren.

“In the interim,” Bounds said, “I am fully committed to continue serving as your sheriff with the same energy, dedication and resolve until my term ends in December 2022.”

Bounds expressed his sincere gratitude to the citizens of Caroline County for entrusting him with the Office of the Sheriff.

“They can rest assured that I intend to serve them diligently and faithfully until my last day in that role,” he said.

During his long career, Bounds served 28 years in the Maryland State Police before being elected to three terms as Sheriff of Caroline County.

When asked about his thoughts in summing up his 40 years in a variety of law enforcement assignments, he stated:

“Over the years, I have been extremely blessed to have worked with some of the finest law enforcement professionals in the business. Like any thriving business, the key to success in law enforcement is rooted in a network of trusted individuals that can be counted on no matter what. Fortunately, I have benefited from the advice, wisdom, and guidance of some of the best.

“I also consider myself very fortunate to have worked with a great group of County Commissioners, County Administrators and Chief of Staff that have consistently supported the Sheriff’s Office. The recent completion of a nearly $5 million Sheriff’s Office is but one example of their efforts to help us better serve the citizens of Caroline County, while providing a much more efficient and effective work environment for our Sheriff’s Office employees. I very much appreciate their ‘team’ spirit.

“As Sheriff of Caroline County, I am extremely proud of the outstanding work that personnel at the Sheriff’s Office perform day in and day out. They are a dedicated team that consistently strive to improve themselves both personally and professionally in support of our mission. That mission can be daunting at times, yet they accept it with a positive and professional attitude, making Caroline County a better place to live because of their efforts. I will miss working beside them daily but look forward to watching from afar as their law enforcement careers develop and blossom in the years ahead.”

Bounds was supportive and instrumental in many projects during his tenure — promoting partnerships with the school system, including school resource officers; ensuring his staff had the necessary training to respond to emergencies of all kinds; equipping officers with body cameras; and lending his support to the construction of the new Dover Bridge.

“Last, but certainly not least,” Bounds said, “I want to thank my wife Rhonda, daughters Reneé and Rachel, my grandchildren, and the remainder of my family and friends for your steadfast love and support. If at the end of my career I am considered successful in any portion of this long journey, please know that it was because of you.”

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