CENTREVILLE — Former Town Councilman George “Smokey” Sigler’s name will appear on the October ballot for Centreville.

The council of three currently is filled by Tim McCluskey, Jeff Morgan and Jim Beauchamp. Beauchamp will not seek re-election. Business owner Josh Shonts and Sigler are vying to fill the vacancy.

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran and former six-year member of the town cuncil, Sigler was selected as the Rotary Club’s 2017 Citizen of the Year.

“Through his affiliation with fraternal military organizations he has promoted the values of citizenship, trustworthiness, caring, fairness, personal responsibility and respect for our county and all its citizens,” Rotary Club District Governor Rich Graves said while presenting the award.

Outside of serving in various capacities for the town, Sigler has volunteered with the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars while working with community groups, youth groups, charity events and other organizations, such as the Knights of Columbus, Our Mother of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church and St. Peter the Apostle Roman Catholic Church.

Graves said Sigler “believes with working with his fellow citizens, neighbors, family and friends to make Queen Anne’s County one of the most livable areas in the state of Maryland.”

In 2017, Sigler ran for county commissioner following a lost bid for re-election by just two votes in Centreville’s April 3, 2017, town council election. He was president of the town council and its representative to the Council of Governments. Although not awarded the seat with the county, Sigler has remained active and is a familiar face volunteering and attending local events. Sigler also is a retired Procter & Gamble business development manager.

On announcing his run, Sigler said he looks forward to the job.

“I believe anyone who runs for the Centreville Town Council must be prepared for the long hours, challenging decisions, lots of communication and one of the most important community transitions in our lifetimes,” he said.

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