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ST. MICHAELS — Of course, St. Michaels is a modern town, but on a day like the Fourth of July, it’s good to be a little old-fashioned.

If you’re a kid, it’s good to decorate your bicycle with red, white and blue streamers and ornaments, and ride around town behind the town’s vintage 1926 fire truck in a show of patriotism.

It’s good to eat cold, sweet treats and picnic food in the summer heat, watch a flag-raising ceremony and listen to “The Star-Spangled Banner” played by a trumpeter and drummer.

It’s good to hear some guy dressed up as Uncle Sam proclaim we are no longer under British rule and this is a democracy.

All that — and more — happened Thursday morning, July 4, around St. Mary’s Square in St. Michaels.

It was the annual program given for the public by the St. Michaels Museum.

First, there was the traditional children’s parade, which queued up at the museum and wound through town. The parade was led by the St. Michaels Fire Department’s vintage 1926 fire truck, “Maggie.”

It was a chance for everybody around to show off their red, white and blue decorating skills and kids to become stars.

The parade was noticeably larger than in past years, with nearly 80 people joining the fray, including parents and guardians.

A number of canine town residents also marched in the parade, wearing patriotic scarves and acting on their best behavior, for the most part.

After the parade broke up back at the museum, participants were treated to opening ceremonies by Boy Scout Troop 741 of St. Michaels.

The troop presented the colors and led the Pledge of Allegiance. The color guard for Troop 741 included Roy Luethy, Cooper Gowe, Ryley Beers and Gavyn Stebbins.

Troop 741 Senior Patrol Leader Sutton Mesko organized and led the Scouts.

“The Star-Spangled Banner” was performed on drums by Scout Hollis Luethy and on trumpet by John Dodge.

The poem “I Am Old Glory” was read by Boy Scout Troop 741 member J. T. Lizewski.

St. Michaels Museum President Jeff Fones welcomed guests and served as master of ceremonies.

The Rev. James Nash of St. Michaels Chapel gave the invocation.

Uncle Sam, portrayed by Sam Peskin, read the Declaration of Independence.

Pete Lesher, chief curator at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, gave a short speech titled “All Created Equal.”

Patriotic music was performed by the Royal Oak Musicians, which included Ed Klein, Lynn Henderson and Deb Campbell.

The benediction was given by the Rev. Dr. William Wallace of Union United Methodist Church.

After the ceremony, magician John Dodge put on his magic act for the children.

They also had a chance to climb onto Maggie the fire truck and go into the Phillips Wharf Environmental Center Fishmobile.

Refreshments were provided by the St. Michaels Fire Department and Rita’s Italian Ice.

The museum thanked several organizations for their support, including the St. Michaels town commissioners, St. Michaels Police Department and St. Michaels Fire Department.

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