EASTON — The Talbot County Health Department said Tuesday it has administered 79% of its 1,100 allocated vaccine doses, and just over 4% of the county’s population has gotten at least one shot of vaccine to date.

The county is still in Phase 1A of its vaccination priority plan, with the local health department’s vaccine supply only being offered and administered to frontline healthcare workers and first responders.

Acting County Health Officer Dr. Maria Maguire said as of Tuesday 1,583 Talbot residents had received a first dose and 44 had gotten the complete two-dose series across nursing homes, hospitals and through the local health department.

The health department has given out 870 of those doses since it received its first shipment on Dec. 23. About 400 of the shots were administered during a mass vaccination clinic on Friday, Jan. 8.

Maguire said her department received 600 more Moderna vaccine doses on Tuesday and plans to use every dose it has received so far by the end of this week.

While vaccination clinics aren’t yet open to the general population, Maguire said she plans to open up mass clinics to residents 75 years and older and whose jobs might qualify them for earlier vaccination, such as teachers, by Jan. 18.

In anticipation of graduating to the next phase of vaccinations, the health department is actively developing a vaccine call center people will be able to ring for information about the vaccination process and scheduling locally, and eventually for help scheduling an appointment to get vaccinated.

The call center is expected to launch next week and the health department will release a phone number for that once it is established.

“We anticipate a lot of members of the community may not have internet access or email addresses,” Maguire said. She said the state is requiring vaccinations to be scheduled online, so people at the call center can help schedule those who can’t do it themselves.

Since vaccines became available in Maryland, the Eastern Shore’s nine counties have vaccinated 14,616 residents, accounting for 3.2% of the Shore’s total population, according to Maryland Department of Health data.

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