EASTON — The Easton High School Interactive Media Production Career and Technology pathway hosted its sixth annual “Film-In” challenge on Friday, Oct. 11.

From noon to 7 p.m., 20 students on four teams competed to storyboard, film and edit a one- to four-minute narrative sequence.

The winning film was “The Marvelous Misadventures of Vlad Vladikins the Anti-Vax Kid,” created by team Anti-Vax, which consisted of seniors Rayn Colbourne, Katherine Kilbourn and Seth Wagner, and juniors Vlad Rada and Sophie McGee.

The team’s completed film will air on MCTV, along with an interview about the Film-In event.

All teams were tasked with creating a film in the thriller genre that had to remain appropriate for a PG audience.

Anti-Vax created a thriller with a surprise comedic twist at the end, Team Arte Povera created a psychological thriller, Team Frog created a narrative about an alien trapped in an infinite loop, and Team Titans created an odyssey about teens lost in the woods.

Students were not made aware of the film’s required genre, box of props, event, theme, film title and sound until the start of the event. They also were restricted to shoot the entirety of their films in public spaces in Easton.

Students applied industry-standard Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects to edit their films.

Local filmmaker and Easton High alumnus Thomas Lee worked with students at the event and created a Film-In documentary that will be aired on MCTV.

He brought his film drone, gimbal and other media equipment for students to use during the film capture portion of the event. Lee, along with several other Easton High School Interactive Media Production Career and Technology Pathway alumni, acted as the event’s judges at the end of the evening.

At 3 p.m., all filming ceased and students returned to the school to begin editing and creating special effects for their films.

It was revealed at this time that, in addition to editing, teams would need to design two posters for their film that focused on communicating the genre and the surprise constraints of their film. During this time, each team created a bloopers reel and wrote their own press release.

At 7 p.m., students showcased their films. Judges assessed each film with a rigorous list of criteria including sequencing, application of effects and incorporation of their surprise props and genre.

Meredith Lyons, Joseph Mueller, Cailyn Thomas, Jason Hash, Cameron Miller and Ruby Grant were the judges.

The Steinly family and local businesses KilnBorn and Bay Imprint sponsored the event by donating prizes for the winning teams.

Garnette Hines, Easton High interactive media production teacher, organized the event to challenge students and give them an opportunity to work with professionals in the film industry.

Each year, Hines has tried to grow the event to make it better than last year’s. This year’s genre of thriller was inspired by the event’s date in October.

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