EASTON — Easton Town Council voted during Monday’s council meeting to approve the annexation of Dutchmans Lane.

The Town of Easton is annexing two sections of Dutchmans Lane in residential areas behind the Royal Farms on U.S. Route 50.

The Town is also deannexing a portion of Third Street off Route 50.

“The main purpose of the annexation was to bring Dutchmans Lane into the Town boundaries to the eastern edge of Easton Club East,” said Don Richardson, Easton Town Manager. “As it is today, it is a county-maintained road surrounded by the municipal Town limits. This annexation creates the ability for it to be within our town limits and also be transferred from the county to the town for maintenance.”

Richardson added deannexing the portion of third street, as well as annexing property owned by Harry Covington II, was necessary to prevent creating an enclave (a closed off area of land, which would become unincorporated territory).

The council was prepared to hear public comment on the matter at the meeting, but nobody commented.

Easton Town Attorney Sharon Van Emburgh said at the meeting that the annexation and deannexation would go into effect 50 days from the meeting, September 22.

The voting process required two resolutions and three ordinances to pass. For all five, councilman Ron Engle, councilman Al Silverstein, and Easton Town Council President Megan Cook voted unanimously in favor. Councilman Don Abbatiello was not present at the meeting, and Rev. Elmer Davis Jr., who was appointed to the open seat on the council after the resolutions were introduced, did not vote.

Later in the meeting, the council voted to extend the outdoor dining experiment downtown until the first council meeting in September. After the Washington Street Promenade (which closed off Washington Street between Federal and Dover streets 24/7) fell through, the council closed off the parallel parking spaces on Washington Street in front of Washington Street Pub, Doc’s Downtown Grille and Scossa Restaurant & Lounge on weekends.

The restaurants involved reported success from the trial, and the council expressed interest in continuing with it until they could develop a long-term solution with business owners.

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