Twine becomes newest Talbot deputy

Deputy Xavier Twine recently joined the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office.

EASTON — Deputy Xavier Twine graduated from the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy’s 84th Session on June 19, 2020, becoming the newest Talbot County Sheriff’s Office sworn member.

“Sheriff Gamble, the Command Staff and all members of the Sheriff’s Office would like to welcome Deputy Twine to our law enforcement family,” stated a a press release from the sheriff’s office.

The training academy began on January 3, 2020, where, over the next several months’ students logged over 970 hours of classroom and practical exercises, building their foundation to becoming Maryland Law Enforcement officers. Training topics included Maryland criminal, traffic and constitutional laws, crime prevention, cultural diversity, de-escalation, community policing, code of ethics, crisis intervention, investigations, defensive tactics, firearms and emergency vehicle operations, to name a few.

Now that the formal academy training has ended, Twine will begin a 3-month program within the sheriff’s office to complete his mandated Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission accreditation.

Twine is a resident of Talbot County, having purchased a home here with the help of a small grant that encourages sheriff’s deputies to live in the community that they serve.

“I am thrilled that Deputy Twine chose Talbot County as a place to live and work,” Gamble said “One of our goals here is to encourage Talbot Deputies to live here. It’s a win for our office and a win for our community.”

Gamble worked with the Talbot County Council to develop a grant to assist first responders with closing costs if they purchase their primary residence in Talbot County, and a number of deputies have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Twine graduated from Frostburg State University with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Law and Society and Sociology.

“The Talbot County Sheriff’s Office is proud and excited to add this fine young man to our law enforcement family,” the release stated.

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