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DENTON — Two candidates have filed early to be the next sheriff of Caroline County. This week, three-term Sheriff Randy Bounds announced he will be entering retirement after more than 40 years in service to law enforcement. Steve Stouffer of Denton and Dan Franklin of Federalsburg are the first to announce their intentions to succeed him in the post.

“Twenty-five years ago our local paper published a story where I stated that my career goal was to one day serve as our sheriff,” Stouffer said in his announcement. “When Sheriff Bounds announced he wasn’t seeking re-election, I officially filed my candidacy for Caroline County Sheriff. It has been an honor and a blessing to serve the Mid-Shore community for the past 25 years.”

Stouffer has had a multifaceted career in law enforcement working both in municipal departments and for county agencies. He is also a member of FBI-LEEDA (FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association).

“I look forward to the opportunity to lead our local sheriff’s office into the future,” Stouffer said. “Some would say this isn’t the best time to serve as an officer or to choose to lead an agency. I say that this is the best time because our nation needs us the most right now. Our community deserves brave men and women willing to serve and to ensure the protection of their freedoms and ensure the safety of our communities and schools. We cannot succumb to fear or tolerate hate, violence or criminal behavior.”

Caroline County Commissioner Dan Franklin too filed as a candidate to run sheriff at the beginning of July.

“It’s been an honor and I have truly enjoyed serving Caroline County as a commissioner for the past seven years,” Franklin said. He said he will continue to serve in that capacity until the next board takes office.

“Law enforcement is my passion and it is in my blood,” Franklin said. With 22 years in law enforcement, Franklin said he looks forward to putting that experience to work serving the citizens of Caroline County.

Stouffer and Franklin are both registered Republicans.

The deadline to file for the June 28, 2022, primary is Feb. 22.

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