EASTON — The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Chapter 648 hosted a Memorial Day service Wednesday at the Vietnam Monument at the Talbot County Courthouse.

During the ceremony, VVA Chapter 648 President Roland Boggs introduced the ceremony as one to honor veterans for their service. A short prayer was also read, dedicated to those who have died.

“Please pay your respects and remembrance to watch individuals who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our way of life,” Boggs said.

A wreath was then placed by Mike Johnson, VVA Jr. vice chapter 648 member, and Wayne Hall, VVA senior vice chapter 648 member at the Vietnam Monument. For Johnson, it was important for veterans and guests of the ceremony to keep the memory alive of those who have deceased.

“It’s always a good feeling for others to stop by because it is very heartwarming,” Johnson said. “I always hope these people keep their memory alive, which is the greatest thing you can do for a veteran. It is important to never forget who they were and what their ultimate sacrifice to keep this country free.”

Glen Lewis, a Caroline County resident for the last 35 years and member of the VFW 5118, was happy to see the wreath standing proud at the Talbot County Courthouse. He also discussed how this small ceremony was an event that will prepare many for the Vietnam Traveling Memorial wall coming in on May 31.

“I am happy that I was at this service and that Talbot County did this,” Lewis said. “We are happy that we are getting such a good turnout, because it means a lot to us. We invite everyone to be at the wall during the week. It will be a somber occasion to honor those who have lost their lives.”

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