EASTON — Outdoor enthusiasts put together tents and businesses put together tables at the Sportsman’s Pavilion, at 502 Dutchman’s Lane, for the annual 49th annual Waterfowl Festival on Thursday, Nov. 7.

The Sportsman’s Pavilion will offer sporting visitors everything from big-game hunting adventure trips to fishing. Guests also will have the opportunity to find outdoor apparel, including hats to boots.

Mandy Hartman, managing partner at Nauti Paws in Chester, said this is her second time at Waterfowl while she was setting up her area. Hartman said she hopes her items gives customers a taste of what they carry in the store.

Nauti Paws specializes in wholesome nutrition for pets, from frozen, raw foods to kibble, treats, toys and supplies.

“It is going to be awesome. Hopefully the weather cooperates better than last year,” Hartman said. “This is a place to shop for pet owners and pets, as well.”

Jimmy Muller, inventor/owner of Muller Chokes, said this is his first year at Waterfowl, and he had been at the Elks Lodge since 10 am. Muller was inspired to go to the Festival because he has been a duck hunter since 1975 and has been competing since 1993.

He said he also started expanding his Waterfowl hunting chokes and he heard about it on the internet.

“I have a lot of friends in the industry who are hunting guides, and they told me about this ,and I knew I had to be here,” Muller said. “It’s a wonderful sport, and there is a lot of activities here. The people that know what Waterfowl hunting is and everything — they have a good idea already. But I know a lot of people have come here to see it or understand it. They will walk away with a new appreciation of the sport and everything that goes along with it.

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