EASTON — Some folks put an angel on the top of their tree, others put a star. There are lots of things that can go on top of a holiday tree.

But whatever is up there, it needs to give out lots of light, according to students at White Marsh Elementary School who sang, danced and acted in their winter musical, “Twinkle & Shine!,” Thursday evening, Dec. 5 in the Talbot County Auditorium at Easton High School.

The musical was written by John Jacobson and John Higgins, and is at least a decade old. Thursday’s performance was under the guidance of White Marsh music director Mollie Connolly.

As the story goes, elves, reindeer and all of Santa’s helpers spend most of the play trying to figure out how to get a star on top of a special surprise holiday tree for Santa. Near the end, suddenly a star appears there. It’s a Christmas miracle.

“Twinkle & Shine” was presented by White Marsh third-, fourth- and fifth-graders after a rousing set of performances by the lower grades.

Pre-kindergarteners sang “Jingle Bells”; kindergarteners sang “Christmas Makes Me Sing” and “Nice, Not Naughty!”; first and second grade classes performed “There’s Someone in the Chimney” and “Blitzen’s Boogie”; and small ensembles of fourth-graders from the classes of Tracey Dickerson, Dawn Gencel and Debbie Thomson performed holiday favorites.

Third grade teacher and soloist Jonathan Elliott performed “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with voice and keyboards.

Stars in the play included two literal stars — Rileigh Neely portrayed “Twinkle,” an experienced star that had a tree-topping history, and Jack Seymour portrayed “Shine,” a tree-topping wannabe trying to convince Twinkle her glory days were over.

Santa Claus was portrayed by Noah Cannon, Little Dancing Star was portrayed by Georgia Ellis, and Claire Adelman served as the announcer and sang a tender solo during “The Light at the Top.”

Alexus Myers and Zelia Proa played Wrappers, Addison Knox played Rudolph, and elves were portrayed by Abigail Davis, Adeline Moore, Brody Graczyk, Ben Phillips, Jonah Morris, Stella Petrichenko, Gabrielle Schmitt, Elena Szwaja, Cassidy Gwin, Abigail Jobeck, Cienna Phelps and Emmett Ellis.

Reindeer were portrayed by Joshua Blades, Payton Marelli, Ivy Huls-Muller, Carter Fronk, Charlotte Newman, Daniel Smith, Nicole Phillips and Hannah Dahlen.

Birds were portrayed by Valisa Hernandez, Lacie Denford, Wendy Ortiz Soliz, Austin Brice and Kayla Simpkins.

Animals of the forest were portrayed by Anthony Melendez-Martinez, Axel Spalin, Jordan Wilson and Austin Wilson.

Evergreen trees were portrayed by Sierra Watson, Jackson Ekroos, Shaun O’Reilly, Cole Patrick, Landon Hollingsworth and Shiza Gondal.

Cali Quinto played the Cedar Tree, and Rylee Newcombe played the Fir Tree.

Providing backup vocals were the third, fourth, and fifth grade choruses.

Thanks were given to White Marsh Principal Kim Seidel, Toni Hall, Ali Strickland, Carly Pepper, James Redman, and the faculty, staff and parents.

Program layout and design was by Arden Haley, sound and audio equipment was provided by Doug Fluharty, lights were controlled by Charles Connolly and curtains controlled by Jessica Smith.

Regina Dickerson and Shawn Leffler provided and coordinated props and costumes.

Stage set-up, assistance and cleanup was provided by White Marsh parents, the White Marsh Grandparents Club, Carla Beavers, and Keegan and Patrick Fetherman.

Mollie Connolly was given a bouquet of flowers by her students at the end of the performance.

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