WASHINGTON — Police have identified Noah Green, 25, as the man who allegedly rammed a barricade at the U.S. Capitol with his car Friday.

Green was killed in the attack along with U.S. Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans.

Green appears to have had social media posts supportive Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and critical of the U.S government, according to various posts and reports. Facebook deleted Green’s account after the attack.

Green also appears to have been recently living in Norfolk, Virginia.

Green’s alleged attack comes after mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, Colorado.  Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa faces murder charges for the killing of 10 people at a Colorado grocery store. Robert Lang is charged in killing eight at Atlanta area Asian massage parlors and spas.

Police and U.S. security agencies have not yet attributed any motives behind Green’s deadly encounter at the Capitol.

“There is still much to be determined about this attack,’” said U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas 

The April 2 attack comes after the Jan. 6th overrunning of the Capitol by Trump supporters. That riot resulted in the fatal police shooting of Ashli Babbitt, a Trump supporter, inside the Capitol. Capitol Police Office Brian Sicknick died after suffering injuries on Jan. 6. Three other people died of health incidents.

Police say Green was armed with a knife when we as shot and killed after ramming through a barrier. Some in the political and media arenas quickly and sometimes openly wondered if the new attacker was a Trump supporter or white supremacist.

Green was African American and played college football in West Virginia and Virginia. One of his former coaches posted on Twitter that Green may have had some mental health challenges and had just “went through a religion change."

”This is a sad day for me,” posted Rashad Jack Jackson, head coach at Glenville State College, on Twitter. “RIP to one of my former players Noah Green. Mental health is real people. Noah was a great young man that did all the right things at Glenville State College. This news is very shocking to me but Noah had recently gone through a Religion change.”

Green also played football at Christopher Newport University in Virginia, according to the school’s athletics website.

The school confirmed Green played football and graduated with a degree in finance in 2019.

“Mr. Green, a transfer student, was a 2019 graduate of Christopher Newport University with a degree in finance. Mr. Green played on the Christopher Newport football team in the fall 2017 and fall 2018 seasons,’ the school said in a statement to The Star Democrat.

Social media screen shots indicated Green was supportive of the Nation of Islam, critical of the U.S. government and may have recently lost a job and may have had financial mental health challenges.

The apparent lone wolf attack comes after some security fencing was taken down and a number of the National Troops deployed to Washington after the Jan. 6 have returned home.

The fatal attack will re-spark debates over whether permanent fences and barriers should encircle the Capitol and other federal buildings. Green, however, appears to have breached security perimeter in his attack.

U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., and U.S. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., have introduced legislation restricting permanent fencing from being installed around the Capitol.

“Today’s loss of Officer William Evans is heart-wrenching. My thoughts are with his family, loved ones, and all of the members of Capitol Police who are impacted by this tragedy. I continue to pray for the other injured officer and his family,” Van Hollen said in a statement.  “I’m thankful for the service of our Capitol Police and National Guard who risk their lives daily to protect our democracy and who have withstood immense hardship and pain over the last months. We are forever indebted to you and the sacrifices you and your families have made.”   

U.S. Capitol Police Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman is a native of Cambridge.

“It is with profound sadness that I share the news of the passing of Officer William 'Billy' Evans this afternoon from injuries he sustained following an attack at the North Barricade by a lone assailant. Officer Evans had been a member of the United States Capitol Police for 18 years. He began his USCP service on March 7, 2003, and was a member of the Capitol Division’s First Responder’s Unit. Please keep Officer Evans and his family in your thoughts and prayers,” Pittman said.

The Biden administration, FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies have been putting a focus on white supremacists and alt-right  militia groups after the Jan. 6 turmoil.

Biden — as well as Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan — have also voiced concerns and increased police patrols related to a rise in alleged hate crimes against Asians and Asian-Americans because of the origins of the COVID-19 virus in China.

Hogan, an anti-Trump Republican, sent National Guard troops and state police to D.C. after Jan. 6. Hogan said state was ready to help with responses to the Friday incident.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called Evans a “martyr for our democracy.”She also alluded to Jan. 6.

“Today, America’s heart has been broken by the tragic and heroic death of one of our Capitol Police heroes: Officer William Evans.  He is a martyr for our democracy,” Pelosi said.

“Members of Congress, staff and Capitol workers, and indeed all Americans are united in appreciation for the courage of the U.S. Capitol Police.  Today, once again, these heroes risked their lives to protect our Capitol and our Country, with the same extraordinary selflessness and spirit of service seen on January 6.  On behalf of the entire House, we are profoundly grateful. Congress stands ready to assist law enforcement with a swift and comprehensive investigation into this heinous attack," Pelosi said.

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