In my 73-plus years on this earth, I have seen a lot happened to our country. For decades, we have fought communist aggression around the world. Brave men died on the bloodstained battlefields to fight that aggression. Many have come home from the wars with medical or mental problems they will live with the rest of their life, some living on the streets as homeless and others living in veteran homes while illegal aliens cross over the border and are given everything for their needs at taxpayers expense.

Most in Congress are turning their heads, because the real truth is they want the illegals here so they can vote. And they are well on their way to getting it. This is all part of the overall picture to make America a communist (socialist) country. The sad thing is they are well on their way to doing just that. Look at the sanctuary cities, for example. These cities have defied federal law and have opened their arms and what money they have left to the illegals while their own homeless sleep on the streets and the problem is so bad porta-potties are being brought in. We have illegals killing people only to be sent back to their country for them to come back again some two or three times committing other crimes. And the beat goes on.

Our nation has become so corrupt we no longer know right from wrong. We can kill unborn babies in the mother’s womb and call it legal, but to kill certain animals is against the law. Since the beginning of time, God has created us male and female, but now we have a third checkbox, on most forms of identification, for the ones who cannot figure out what they are. There are ones that on any given day can think they are of the opposite sex and go into the other gender’s bathroom, because in this country the law has said it is now OK to do it. I am sorry, but what we have here is a twisted mind. It is a sad day when movie stars and football players can command an audience by the words they say or the knee they bend out of disrespect. They are nothing like the actors and sports stars of years ago who stood up and fought for this country.

While our country is going downhill really fast, we have a do-nothing Congress that hates the president so much they will do anything and everything to get him out of office. From day one, this has been their primary goal instead of the really pressing issues of our country. These congressmen should be allowed to serve only two terms and then they have to go, instead of making a career and big sums of money out of being a politician.

We must place part of the blame on the preachers and pastors across this country. Maybe not all of them but most of them. It is now all about the money and the big congregations. Corruption has not only overtaken our country, but it has penetrated our churches also. You cannot sing “Oh How I Love Jesus on Sunday” and support a political party that promotes abortion on Monday. You cannot preach Adam and Eve from the pulpit on Sunday and through the week bless Adam and Steve. Our churches, as well as our country, have become corrupt.

Lastly, we have major newspapers in our country that we depend on for the truth calling a leader of a terrorist organization an austere religious leader when in fact he was a murderer who beheaded people, buried people alive, kidnapped people and made them slaves, and the list goes on. America is spinning out of control.

Bill Patchett writes from Federalsburg.

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