How 'bout dem Birds?

Well, I suppose the good news is the Orioles season won’t be as long as normal. This year’s season has been shortened to 60 games. There will be more teams added to the playoffs but the Orioles won’t be among them.

Without the benefit of spring training there’s no feeling of how this team will do. There will be no more rookie phenoms hitting tape measure home runs until the third week when the pitchers start throwing curves. There will be no hot rookie striking out everyone in sight until the big fellers get warmed up. So, Oriole fans are really going into this (short) season cold.

Below is a list of their projected line-up. See if you can identify them (Hint: learn to speak Spanish).


a. Gabby Hayes

b. Durrie Hayes

c. Austin Hayes

d. Bob Hayes

Second Base

a. Alberto Pujols

b. Hanser Alberto

c. Hanser Gretel

d. Ron Hanson

Right Field

a. Anthony Santander

b. Anthony Scaramucci

c. Carlos Santana

d. Frank Tanana

Designated Hitter

a. Edwardo Nunez

b. Renato Nunez

c. Raymundo DelGato

d. Peter Noonan


a.Julio Iglesias

b.Pete Incaviglia

c. Raisel Iglesias

d. Jose Iglesias


a. Luis Severino

b. Steve-A-Rino

c. Pedro Severino

d. Doc Severinsen

First Base

a. Crash Davis

b. Khris Davis

c. Bull Durham

d. Chris Davis

Left Field

a. Dilson Herrara

b. Jose Jimenez

c. Obduel Herrera

d. Roy Dyson

Third Base

a. Rosie Ruiz

b. Carlos Ruiz

c. Rio Ruiz

d. Delores Del Rio

Starting Rotation (pick 4)

a. Ty Cobb

b. Asher Wojciechowski

c. Corn Cobb

d. Wade Le Blanc

e. Matt Lee Blanc

f. Mel Blanc

g. Alex Cobb

h. Sam Malone

i. Tommy Milone

j. Karl Malone

k. Karl Malden

Correct Answers: 1. c 2. b 3. a 4. a 5. d 6. c 7. d 8. a 9. c 10. b,d,g,i

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