Dear President Pack and Members of the Talbot County Council:

I write to express my strong support for the immediate removal of the Talbot Boys statue in its entirety from the lawn of the Talbot County Circuit Courthouse. This Confederate monument serves not only as a constant and divisive reminder to residents of the legacy of slavery, but also begs the question of why a Confederate symbol would be celebrated in our public squares.

As you know, the Talbot Boys statue sits outside the Talbot County Circuit Courthouse where the mission is to deliver equal justice under the law. Having a monument to those who fought to preserve slavery outside this local historic landmark undermines that message.

In the heart of the Eastern Shore, Talbot County includes many of Maryland’s treasured coastal communities. A memorial that pays homage to the Confederacy and the fight to keep Black Americans enslaved has no place here. I stand with the Talbot County Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in calling for the removal of this statute.

I urge the Council to take swift action to remove this Confederate monument from the Talbot County Circuit Courthouse.

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