The big lie

The big lie

Like most bad ideas, the 1619 Project was the result of a false premise based on fake information perpetrated by the New York Times Magazine. The conceit here is that the United States was funded principally for the perpetration of slavery.

Nicole Hannah Jones has found a fan of this fakery in Kamala Harris who has said that the 1619 Project “is a powerful and necessary recourse without speaking the truth about how we got here.” The 1619 Project is now distributed to schools all across the country and taken as fact. Oh well, at least the artist has the good sense by being “embarrassed by every cartoon I’ve ever entered in the Pulitzer competition.” He hasn’t given back the Pulitzer either.

The premise was not universally accepted in the scientific community with historians such as Weitz, MacPherson, Oaks and Weitz. They wrote that the whole premise was based on a ‘historical lie.’ Oh well, who you gonna believe? A bunch of eggheads or the stately New York Times Magazine?

Sabrina Erdely at the University of Virginia set up a system where if a student was charged with a sex crime, he was given no opportunity to defend himself, nor was he allowed legal representation. The idea here being that young males are natural predators. So, when she published “A Rape on Campus” in Rolling Stone magazine, problems began to arise immediately. The police could find no evidence in the charges and concluded the charges were false.

Rolling Stone admitted they had been the victim of a fraud and a hoax. You’ll be happy to know that Sabrina Erdely is now gainfully employed and teaching the same thing.

This follows a long tradition of a narrative at Duke University where a young hooker claimed to have been raped by several members of the lacrosse team. This caused the team to suspend the season and the coach to be fired. This allowed the media to go wild with their publishing photos pointing out the poverty of the victim in contrast to the affluence of the players. Much of the controversy was fueled by the English Department (always a hot bed of controversy). When phone records eventually cleared the team, they were able to hook on with other teams.

But wait, as they say in late night commercials, there’s more. It seems the hooker actually wanted to be a lawyer. This caused Jesse Jackson (you know his name would show up) who offered to pay for her law school. Unfortunately, she’s currently in prison.

Here’s a problem with the cancel culture: Eventually they start eating their own. Jeffrey “sticky fingers” Toobin was a personal favorite of mine because he was always wrong in his legal opinions before he was caught masturbating on camera.

Al Franken, former senator, was caught fondling a woman’s breast, although he did say in his defense he could do it because he was a comedian.

Ralph Northram, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, John Meacham — they’ve started to eat one another.

Of course, you could go the way of Stacey Abrams, the undeclared governor of Georgia who declared herself a winner after losing by 60,000 votes. Her cause was a celebration by progressives everywhere. She accused the laws of Georgia for disenfranchising the voters. But it’s okay, Stacey is now giving $1 million to each senate candidate in Georgia while she keeps another million dollars for her foundation.

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