Think about something with me for just a moment. What is the meaning of life to you?

You will have to answer that question sometime, maybe not out loud but in your mind. If you don’t answer this question it will be answered for you as you live your life here on this earth. In fact, your answer will be determined by how you live your life.

If you think that life is something that just happens, or that you just endure it until you die, then that is how you will live. If you just endure your existence until you die that will be a miserable life.

Remember, life is not just the number of days or years here on earth, you will live forever somewhere.

If you think that life here on earth is a time for searching for light, truth and hope, then God will help you find light in your life, that has hope and truth. Your answer to the meaning of life will become the reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

If you make a positive difference in your life and in your world, then that is the purpose you will work for no matter what task you have for each day. God created us and ordered the universe, so God is still capable of defining and determining for us our purpose for living.

First, you must confess your sins and separate from a sinful life. Then quit lying, stealing, or committing adultery and using God’s name in vain, or whatever your sins were before you confessed them.

You must read the word of God and let prayer become a part of your life each day. You will now know what the meaning of life is, and it is quite simple, love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, love your neighbor as yourself, and learn His Word and share God’s love with others.

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