There is a push in downtown Easton for the redevelopment of Perdue Farms’ grain silos into a new modern housing development.

SVN | Miller Commercial Real Estate and architect Mitch Hager have plans to repurpose the silos into residences along with rooftop terraces. The adaptive reuse effort is looking for development partners and is gauging overall interest in the project. The development is called The Granary at Easton.

We need to see more adaptive reuse development ideas across the Eastern Shore. Such efforts look to creatively renovate and revamp existing structures into new and contemporary uses.

They help preserve historic buildings and structures while making those properties competitive and generating tax revenue and jobs.

We have plenty of historic and very cool properties across the Shore — including in our downtowns.

Local governments and planners need to be supportive of creative and innovative projects that can help preserve buildings with history and create while bringing them new energy.

That means taking a look at zoning and planning codes as well as economic development priorities.

The private sector — including builders, developers and employers — also needs to look for creative and innovative opportunities to keep the cores of our communities cool and competitive.

These types of projects can help encourage other ventures and boost surrounding businesses and neighborhoods. We have some instances of success in Easton and Cambridge with redevelopment projects. We hope to see more — especially to help improve the availability and variety of housing on the Mid-Shore. It is a serious challenge.

We are anxious to see how The Granary project progresses and whether we see more creative uses for old buildings, properties and structures across our peninsula.

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