The Avalon Foundation has launched a new jazz club to help promote the American music genre and bring more performances and concerts to the Avalon Theatre and outdoor Stoltz Pavilion in Easton.

The jazz club effort officially launched May 15 and includes programs to expose jazz to more students. We especially like the idea of promoting jazz, the blues and other types of music to younger audiences — including students.

The Avalon launched the outdoor Stoltz venue in November next to the Talbot Town Shopping Center with the aim of hosting more concerts and events in the midst of COVID social distancing and mask rules. We hope the pavilion stays long-term and continues to host events and concerts.

Gov. Larry Hogan has lifted the state’s mask and social distancing orders for most businesses as well as music and entertainment venues. We hope and pray that will safely bring back more cultural, artistic and other events — including live music.

Those types of events and venues such as the Avalon here in Easton are very much the soul and heartbeat of our communities on the Shore.

The Avalon is one of the things that makes the town and Talbot County special. It also puts us on the map with musical acts and tourists. We welcome the new jazz effort and hope to see more creative endeavors by other live music and performing arts venues and museums this summer.

Musicians, music venues and the jobs they support have all been hurting because of the pandemic.

We need to see our local venues working fast to reopen and launch new ideas.

We also need to see local communities and economic development groups being supportive as possible for live events, festivals and concerts. The Avalon’s jazz effort is one of those endeavors that deserves local support.

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