A regional grocery chain is getting grief for an advertisement promoting “super spread” platters for Thanksgiving.

The ad from this grocery store features images of cheese, fruit and other platters.

But that has not stopped our hypersensitive and woke neighbors from somehow taking offense.

Most of us see cheese spreads and fruit platters. Our more sensitive brothers and sisters make the jump to some kind of parallel with coronavirus “super spreader” events.

Of course, that term only applies to certain parties and rallies where attendees wear red hats and not “peaceful protests” that can sometimes involve toppling old statues.

It is a just another sign of the times — another sign of 2020.

Some of those offended by grocery ads are the same ones chastising others not to hold private functions with family and friends over Thanksgiving. They are quick to point to U.S. Centers for Disease Control warnings against signing and letting our pets interact with extended family members for fear of the virus’ spread.

While we want everyone to be safe and protect the health of those most vulnerable to the virus, these admonishments should also make us want to support those unfortunately and unfairly on the receiving ends of social media and political hypersensitivity.

The signs of 2020 are also evident as we navigate the recent rise in reported new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, Gov. Larry Hogan joined the chorus of governors and mayors imposing new COVID orders and restrictions aimed at the recent coronavirus rise in Maryland and elsewhere.

“This is not the flu. This is not fake news. This is not going to magically disappear,” said Hogan during a coronavirus briefing Tuesday. It is not too difficult to which political contingent Hogan was referring to in those remarks before adding he would be meeting Thursday, Nov. 18, with President-elect Joe Biden.

Hogan followed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in ordering restaurants and bars to start closing at 10 p.m. to help curb the virus’ spread.

Restaurants continue to get hit hard by the pandemic, the pullback in consumer spending and many of the restrictions imposed by governors and mayors.

Many of our local restaurants and their employees are already on the edge of the cliff. More restrictions and shutdowns could send them and our economy into the abyss.

Meanwhile, big-box stores, drive-thrus and airports remain open. The likes of Walmart and Target have never had to close while small businesses and restaurants have felt the brunt of shutdowns.

As far as we know there have not been many restrictions placed on Amazon.com and all its delivery drivers servicing customers during the pandemic.

We are not asking for stores or McDonald’s and Starbucks drive-thrus to close. But the focus of some COVID orders seem to be geared toward late-night diners at restaurants, small businesses and dictating how many people can exercise their First Amendment rights by attending and singing in church.

We want everyone to be safe and healthy — especially seniors and those with existing medical conditions. We should do right by our neighbors and coworkers.

We also want small businesses and restaurants and the jobs they create here on the Eastern Shore to survive.

And for those looking to be offended by a grocery ad touting cheese and fruit platters. Chill out.

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