Bluepoint Hospitality — which owns restaurants and shops in downtown Easton — is giving $100 “Downtown Easton” gift cards to 500 local first responders.

The effort honors local emergency responders for their work for our community. The gift cards can be used at approximately 50 small businesses in Easton’s historic downtown — including eateries and other establishments operated by Bluepoint.

The effort deserves community support on multiple fronts.

Our firefighters, police officers, paramedic and other responders deserve our support for the work they do on behalf of our communities. They are on the frontlines of helping those in need and our most vulnerable neighbors. Bluepoint’s program also gives gift cards to dispatchers who are essential to emergency responses.

We would like to see more businesses and community leaders following Bluepoint’s lead on this. Bluepoint’s principal is businessman Paul Prager who continues to make real estate, business, cultural and philanthropic investments in Easton.

The Downtown Easton cards are also worthy of our collective support. They were launched last year by the Easton Economic Development Corp. to boost support and business for downtown restaurants, galleries, shops and small businesses.

So many local businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, government orders and changes in consumer spending.

Easton’s downtown is one of the economic, cultural and social core of the Eastern Shore. Downtown and other local businesses generate tax revenue and generate jobs and livelihoods for our neighbors.

We should be doing everything we can to support those local entrepreneurs and jobs.

The Bluepoint effort helps do that while giving some very well-deserved recognition to emergency responders who help keep our community safe. We encourage other local businesses and community leaders to follow suit and follow these blueprints.

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