Tropical storm warnings as well as flood and tornado watches were issued Thursday for much of the Shore and Delmarva Peninsula as Tropical Storm Elsa carved a rainy and windy path toward the East Coast.

We pray for everyone’s safety with Elsa’s impact expected to be mostly late Thursday and into early Friday.

The storm is also another example of the important work emergency responders and other frontline workers do during and after extreme weather. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics and others will be responding to emergency calls to help their neighbors in need. Like with other storms, our responders will be out late at night and early in the morning helping others.

Their work during extreme weather should not be lost as we look at budget funding for police and other agencies as well as the compensation for those serving our communities.

Storms — whether they be tropical or winter — also keep plenty of workers busy.

That includes utility companies, such as Easton Utilities here locally.

Easton Utilities is a community owned utility. Its workers are on the frontlines of keeping the power on for residents and local businesses including doctor’s offices, nursing homes and other places where having power is very important. Easton Utilities is also one of the leaders of regional efforts to address digital divide issues and bringing broadband internet service to underserved areas. The Easton-based company and its president and CEO, Hugh Grunden, have recently been honored nationally for the work they do here on the Eastern Shore.

Tropical storms and hurricanes can be serious business and can cause serious damage.

They also show the important work emergency responders, utility workers and other essential workers at hospitals, pharmacies and grocery stores do — including under hazardous circumstances.

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