We have seen the recent return of some popular events, both live and in-person.

In Kent County, Pirates and Wenches Weekend was back in Rock Hall for its 14th outing and the eighth annual Legacy Day turned Wilmer Park into a Chestertown block party. Both events proved to be smashing successes and wonderful opportunities to come out have have some fun.

We have more of these on tap for this fall — notably the 25th annual Chestertown Jazz Festival scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 11 and Fall Fest in Rock Hall and Downrigging Weekend in Chestertown in October. The big Waterfowl Festival is in November in Easton.

We are looking forward to all of them.

After so much time isolating and quarantining and distancing, after watching the dominoes fall over the last year and a half of canceled event after canceled event, boy have been we excited to get out and about again.

Not only do local festivities bring tourists into our towns, generating more business for our businesses, they also bring local community members out for a lot fun.

With Pirates and Wenches, many visitors arrive by boat and residents bring out their vessels — all often decorated in the festival’s theme. Never do you see so many skeletons decorating Rock Hall yards! We saw so people walking through town, some costumed, others enjoying the show in their regular summer attire.

Contests, concerts and activities made it a fun weekend for the whole family.

And speaking of concerts, how about the Legacy Day party in Wilmer Park on Saturday night? What a performance by Sylvia Frasier, the Vaughn Bratcher Project and everyone up on that stage celebrating Aretha Franklin.

Legacy Day really brought the community out to Wilmer Park. We saw so many familiar faces that we have not seen in ages, as the number of folks we pass on the streets and in the supermarkets has thinned during the pandemic. Seeing so many friends and neighbors come out and connect in person, while enjoying great food and music, was pure joy.

The organizers of these local events deserve a standing ovation for their efforts to safely bring us wonderful in-person festivities. We also want to thank all of the athletes who came out to be honored and who took time Saturday afternoon to meet with local students.

It is an encouraging sign for us a community to be able to celebrate events like Pirates and Wenches and Legacy Day, while maintaining public health measures to control the spread of COVID-19.

We don’t want to watch upcoming events get pulled from the calendar. Please continue to follow public health protocols to protect yourself and everyone else so we can keep the good times like Pirates and Wenches and Legacy Day rolling.

A version of this editorial first appeared in the Kent County News.

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