A small plane crashed near Easton Airport on Thursday morning.

The pilot is identified as a U.S. Naval Academy midshipman who was participating in a training program operated out of the local airport.

The pilot was injured and transported to University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore with non-life threatening injuries.

Two good Samaritans who were working at a nearby construction site deserve huge accolades for rushing to the scene and helping the pilot who had exited the plane and was calling 911 from the crash site.

Two employees from the Barkers Landing Corp. — Robert Bridge and Derek Hoffman — were working near the crash site and rushed to the scene.

They applied a tourniquet to the pilot’s leg, which was injured and bleeding after the crash. The two men also carried the injured pilot to safety.

The crash is being investigated by federal safety regulators as well as the Easton Airport.

The good Samaritans’ actions show the very best in our community — and ourselves. They acted quickly and heroically to help a neighbor in need.

That should serve as an example of how we should strive to treat each other everyday — including in the political arena and social media where discourse can be very coarse. We see too much disagreement, condemnations and judgments of those with differing political views as well as differing backgrounds.

We can all do much better in how we treat our neighbors, coworkers and especially those we disagree with on political, social and cultural issues. There are plenty of times of take the high road and treat our neighbors as ourselves.

We hope and pray for the pilot’s recovery, and we hope Bridge and Hoffman get more recognition and accolades. They very much deserve it.

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