It is Easter Sunday for Christians. The holiday is centered around atonement, rebirth, love and forgiveness.

We certainly need more of those — in particular love, compassion and forgiveness — after some recent events.

The city of Cambridge and its residents need our prayers and compassion after a fatal fire took the life of a teenage girl, an 8-year-old girl and a 41-year-old man. The city needs some healing, and we need to take a comprehensive community look at affordable housing, safe housing and the cause of some recent fires.

Recent mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, Colorado and Friday’s fatal incident at the U.S. Capitol that took the life of a police officer as well as the alleged attacker are all horrific — and again, mental health appears to play a role in the tragic loss of life.

They also become very political and very divisive.

Right after these violent incidents, many in the political, social media and traditional media realms wait to see who the alleged shooter is and what political or religious belief they might have had.

They then pounce or pullback depending on whether the alleged killer fits into their political and social agendas.

This dynamic happens on both sides of our political divide with conservative, progressive and traditional media.

But that does not mean the rest of us have to always read the politics or perceived politics into every situation, or into every tragedy.

Mental health is often front and center with almost every mass shooting, including at schools. Mental health is also part of our challenges with drug addiction and substance abuse, and all the accompanying social and legal problems that arise from those.

We know politics and sometimes religion will be part of our discourse when it comes to mass shootings, violent incidents and guns.

But we need to look more at the mental health challenges faced by alleged mass shooters and figure out where and how we can help avoid future incidents with tragic consequences.

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