A new Frederick Douglass mural has made its debut on Easton’s Rails-to-Trails.

The mural is the work of Michael Rosato who also created the iconic Harriet Tubman mural in Cambridge.

The Tubman mural is a favorite for tourists visiting the Eastern Shore. It helps put Cambridge and its downtown restaurants and historic waterfront on the map.

We hope the Douglass mural — along with a statue of the Talbot County born abolitionist on the courthouse lawn and the burgeoning Frederick Douglass on the Tuckahoe — helps put Easton on the map for its history and art.

The Shore has complicated, sobering but also illuminating history. We are still challenged by that history when it comes to race and class.

Tubman and Douglass were both born on the Shore into slavery. They both were also leading figures in the abolitionist movement and show what the real promises of America should be — freedom, equality and opportunity.

We should remember those lessons as we traverse contemporary issues locally and nationally. The Easton and Cambridge murals should also be reminders that some of our neighbors — some of our sisters and brothers — here on the Shore (and throughout the country) still face challenges based on their race, ethnicity, religion, orientation and class.

The Douglass mural should also further highlight Easton’s arts community. We already have big arts and artisan events via the Waterfowl Festival, Academy Art Museum and others.

We have a vibrant arts scene across the Mid-Shore.

The Douglass and Tubman mural’s are inspirational and historical bookends to our heritage and our creativity.

We encourage you to visit both, support our local artists and galleries and dig into our rich and challenging history.

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