The Avalon Foundation and the Stoltz family are teaming up to develop and roll out a new outdoor music venue in downtown Easton.

The Avalon Foundation’s Stoltz Pavilion will be located in a parking lot adjacent to Talbot Town shopping center on Washington Street.

Al Bond, president and CEO of the Avalon Foundation, said the outdoor venue will help bring live music and activity to Easton in the midst of the coronavirus.

This project deserves the strongest of support from our community and the entire Mid-Shore.

The tent pavilion will help musicians — many of whom have seen concerts, festivals and other gigs nixed because of COVID-19.

The project will also help local restaurants and shops in Easton which have been hit hard by the pandemic and all its closures by bringing more events to town.

We need as much creativity as possible right now to help save small businesses, our restaurants and creative communities. COVID-19 numbers may be improving locally and in Maryland, but the economic impacts remain serious. We need to be doing everything possible and coming up with new ideas and concepts to save jobs.

This outdoor music venue fits squarely into that need. The foundation is working with Keith Stoltz, who owns the Electric Lady Studios in New York, on the pavilion and how to make it a safe and successful venue in the time of COVID.

The project also takes an underutilized parking lot next to the shopping center and brings new life when we need it most.

The venue is primed to be a regional and national model for how to be creative and innovative during the coronavirus. It will bring positive attention to Easton, Talbot County and our creative communities.

Other businesses and organizations throughout the Eastern Shore should take note. This music venue is the type of idea and execution our communities very much need to get through the rest of 2020 and into 2021.

The effort comes as businesses and nonprofits across the Shore and country look for new ways to doing business, new ways to help to their communities and new ways of generating revenue. We hope this inspires other entrepreneurs, innovators and artists to try new ways in our new reality.

We don’t know how the elections will pan out and how they might impact the economy and social life. We also don’t know the trajectory of the virus even though there have been state and local improvements.

We do know that we still face plenty of challenges from the pandemic and its fallouts — including the loss of jobs and continued fear. We need more creativity, more innovation and less fear and being frozen in place these days.

The Stoltz family has been a longtime supporter of the Avalon Foundation and the Avalon Theatre. They are also continuing to set prime examples of how to step up for our community in our time of need.

The Avalon Foundation, Al Bond and his team and the Stoltz family all deserve unbridled kudos for coming up with a concept that helps our community, helps musicians and helps our economy when we all need it most.

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