There are plenty of drumbeats these days.

There are loud and vibrating drumbeats related to the 2020 presidential election and the coronavirus.

Those are expected to continue as we head toward the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season and as we close out 2020.

There are plenty of opportunities to delve into the negative and divisive. We have had more than our fair share of that this year with the COVID-19 pandemic and presidential campaign.

But we have the choice to focus more on our neighbors here on the Mid-Shore.

We need to see more positive drumbeats that lift up our local communities. We need drumbeats that bring us together — instead of dividing us.

We need to lift each other up even as we navigate the election and the virus.

There are little things that can help drown out the social media and political noise.

Employees of Easton Utilities, for example, recently planted 25 new trees at parks and other locations across Easton. It is part of a tree-planting program the community-owned company launched in 2008.

The result has been more than 350 new trees planted locally. Easton Utilities employees also helped pick up trash along Port Street in Easton.

These types of community efforts should be applauded and replicated.

We all have chances to volunteer, to do positive and community-minded things with our families and coworkers, instead of battling each other on social media or yelling at cable news commentators.

We know it is not easy for many small businesses, nonprofits and many households right now with the continued economic, health and mental health impacts of COVID-19.

Many of us are still very much in survival mode.

But one way to overcome the fear and uncertainty is to find ways to help others in our communities.

We also need to embrace positive drumbeats for our local economy.

The Avalon Foundation has also started hosting concerts and performances at a new outdoor venue in a parking lot adjacent to the Talbot Town Shopping Center in Easton.

The Avalon’s Stoltz Pavilion allows for the hosting of concerts and other events that otherwise would not happen because of social distancing and other COVID-19 dynamics.

The venue puts musicians to work and helps bring more people to downtown Easton.

It is exactly the type of drumbeat we need for downtown’s restaurants and shops. It also sheds a positive light on our town and the Avalon Foundation which operates the Avalon Theatre.

We need to see more of these ideas rolled out across the Shore.

There will be plenty of drumbeats in the coming days and weeks stirring fear, worry and consternation. We will continue to see the shouting down of opposing voices on social media and in the public square.

But we also have choices individually and as a community on how we treat each other.

We also have the choice to avoid some of the relentless and negative noise. We can lift up instead of tear down.

We can channel our efforts to help our neighbors, to help small businesses and other backbones of our community.

At the end of the day, that is where we should focus our energy.

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