A coalition of local nonprofits will hold CommUNITY Days in Easton on Saturday, Nov. 14, and Sunday, Nov. 15.

There will be art, photography and nature exhibits, as well as walking tours of historic downtown Easton and events for families and kids.

The weekend events will abide by social distancing and mask rules. They are being spearheaded by Waterfowl Chesapeake and other local nonprofits, including the Avalon Foundation, Academy Art Museum, Talbot County Free Library and Talbot Historical Society.

The community days events need and deserve as much support as possible. They are important for the groups organizing the events and their various causes. These groups are among the very best Easton and Talbot County have to offer. We cannot stress that enough.

The events are scheduled to be held throughout Easton. They will also offer a needed boost in business to local restaurants and shops.

The nonprofits hosting them have all been adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting shutdowns — just like many small businesses and households throughout the Eastern Shore.

Events have been canceled or postponed — including the 2020 Waterfowl Festival. Nonprofits have seen their donations and revenue streams challenged.

The CommUNITY day events will give the participating local nonprofits an opportunity to showcase to the community the important and impactful work they do in Easton and throughout the Mid-Shore.

These groups help our economy and tourism. They help neighborhoods and our neighbors. Other nonprofits participating in the weekend events — such as the For All Seasons Behavioral Health and Rape Crisis Center — help our neighbors in need.

The community events on Saturday and Sunday will also bring more people to downtown Easton. The outdoor nature of the events will make for social distancing, and the weather is expected to cooperate after our recent rains.

More people downtown will also offer a needed boost to restaurants and shops downtown.

They have been hit by the pandemic and pullbacks in consumer spending. This weekend can also give them a boost, especially with rollbacks in restaurants’ indoor capacity rules.

We certainly want people to be safe — especially seniors and those most vulnerable to the virus — but the community events also give us a chance to get out and enjoy our town. They give us an opportunity to support local nonprofits, small businesses and restaurants.

They are the backbone and soul of Easton and the Mid-Shore. They are all part of what makes our community tick.

They are challenged right now. This weekend is a chance for us to stand up and support them.

We also need to continue to get out safely and overcome fears and worries about the coronavirus. The recent rise in COVID cases and hospitalizations has sparked plenty of warning signs. Those should not be dismissed but we also need to keep the economy open and safely live our lives.

These events offer an opportunity to do that and for multiple good causes.

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