Several years ago, I was asked by a prominent white attorney to sit in Talbot County courts to witness the disparity in black drug cases versus the white ones. Whites received community service and minimum fines while blacks received 20 years of jail time in state prison for a $20 piece of c…

I have great respect for Millicent Pitts’ well reasoned point of view in Friday’s Star Democrat regarding the current race for Congress, in response to my Wednesday commentary about “A Republican’s View of Jesse Colvin and His Candidate For Congress.”

American citizens should have no artificial obstacles to their constitutional right to vote. Yet we encounter repeated attempts to stifle this fundamental right.

They say all politics is local. There are exceptions and we are looking at an example right now in Maryland’s First Congressional District. I am writing in response to the very thought-provoking letter published from a lifelong Republican who is supporting Democrat Jesse Colvin for U.S. Congress.

On May 29, 2018, I attended the Talbot County Council’s budget meeting and was very disturbed to witness the discussion concerning the education budget and the solution to the proposed budget deficit. The amendment, proposed by Mr. Pack, was to cover the budget shortfall by transferring $795…

David Harsanyi's statement regarding Trump and news media: "Not a single person has been prevented from reporting the news and leveling any criticism he deserves." — is false. ("Obama reminds us why Trump is president," The Sunday Star, Sept. 16)

As Category 4 Hurricane Florence bore down on the Carolinas, Virginia, and Maryland, it is amazing and appalling that Trump's Department of Homeland Security took almost $10 million from FEMA's Hurricane Response and Recovery funds.

In watching the television coverage of the alleged sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh, I was struck by how few of the reporters were even alive during the 1970’s and 1980’s. They can report the events, but unless you lived during those times, one cannot fully appreciate the helplessne…

Did you know Andy Harris has a master’s degree in health science from Johns Hopkins University? That, coupled with his medical degree, ensure he is well educated on the health needs of the people he serves. What is astonishing are the decisions he makes as a congressman which refute his educ…

My wife and I have only been residents of Easton and Talbot County for a decade. We came here because Easton and the county were extraordinary in so dimensions. Since arriving, we have watched with dismay the slow “hollowing out” of Historic Easton and the creeping loss of so many elements t…

I am a registered Republican. I always vote for the best candidate in any election, Republican or Democrat. This is particularly important in local elections.

Laura Price has an exemplary record on the Talbot County Council. Not only does she think for herself and vote for what is right for Talbot County, but she has a fine command of the financial matters of Talbot County.

During the years of run-up to the passage of NextStep 190 last Tuesday, I have been a keen observer of, and participant in, the public process.

We bought a vacation home on Tilghman Island 12 years ago. We do a lot of fishing around the island. From personal experience, I can tell you there are hordes of smaller rockfish in the central Bay and its tributaries.

The Talbot County Comprehensive Plan’s stated goal is “to promote a high quality of life, to preserve the rural character of County and to protect the health, safety and well-being of its citizens in a resilient community.”

For those of you still upset by the anonymity of the recent op-ed in the New York Times skewering the president and his ways, realize that Alexander Hamilton's first widely read polemic against the Tories and the British was published anonymously. Horrors. Likewise, "Common Sense," the 1776 …

Community college was a lifeline for me as a mother and full-time dairy farmer. It provided an opportunity to pursue a degree and continue on to a master’s degree. Not only was it affordable, the location allowed me to do “everything” efficiently.

Re: Donald Lambro’s column, “New book on Trump White House paints a most disturbing portrait," The Sunday Star, Sept. 9, 2018

The time spent watching the Senate confirmation hearings has been invaluable provoking many thoughts and civic lessons learned. We will not have an independent judiciary without an independent, educated voting populace.

Talbot County residents should urge the county council to vote for Laura Price’s Amendment 4 on Bill 1401 to protect Talbot County from unwise, misguided development. The character and appeal of this community and the landscape that supports it is in the council’s hands.