I’m curious. What was the thinking behind the selection for the Editorial Viewpoint column on Thursday Aug. 27, entitled “Signs of a Trump Victory”? Was there a point, or was Creators.com having a rummage sale? Or should I say, rubbish sale?

I read the Star Democrat opinion pages pretty much every day. I generally see a fair distribution of columns from reputable writers across the political spectrum. In the Editorial column, we readers can count on thoughts shared by writers from papers across the country, and sometimes from our own local editorial staff. By contrast, yesterday’s choice to print the lunatic ravings of a known conspiracy theorist was shocking, disturbing, and infinitely disappointing! Every single sentence was inflammatory, misleading, or manipulative, with a few outright lies thrown in, because that seems to be the new normal in some circles. I ask this sincerely: did this piece (and its author) truly meet the editorial standards for journalistic integrity at the Star Democrat? Hopefully publishing it was just a one-off bad decision. Otherwise, it looks like our dear local paper, nobly serving the mid-shore for 220 years, is headed in a very bad direction.



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