Despite going through a divisive presidential election and experiencing ongoing angst over the Talbot Boys statue, Easton is still one of the top 5 friendliest towns in America, according to Expedia Traveler. An example of this is illustrated by what happened to me yesterday. I pulled out of my garage with my car key sitting on the top of the sun roof (my car is one of those that has a remote ignition). Somewhere on the way to my destination the key slid off the top of the car and onto the street. I did not know the key was not in the car until I went to start the car to go home. The car electronics system did not detect the key and would not start. Right about the time I was beginning to panic I got a phone call from “Pat” at the YMCA in Easton. Pat told me that a young man had found my keys and had called the YMCA when he found my YMCA membership card hooked on the key ring. The YMCA was able to figure out whose keys they were by looking up my membership number. Pat gave me the phone number of the young man and soon my keys and I were reunited. I am enormously grateful to Pat and this young man and every parent, teacher, coach, boss, neighbor, big brother, minister, and other role model who helped him develop into the caring and responsible person that he is. I wish I had thought to get his name; I only know he works at the Giant. If you are the young man who found my keys, thank you; you are the kind of person who makes Easton a great place — please don’t ever change. If you are his boss — give him a raise. If you are his parents — nice job.



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