The Star‘s Nov. 8 editorial “Critical Crossroads” was constructed on a misleading premise and a false claim.

The statement asserts that “post-election vote counts in presidential battlegrounds have created concerns about voter fraud and the counting of illegal votes.” These allegations are from Donald Trump. He created the hysteria through repetitive unfounded assertions for the past several months about fraud and illegal voting. He was preparing a post-election loss narrative to save face. In 2016 he lost the popular vote by 2.9 million. In 2020 the gap is in excess of 4.0 million. Several close to Trump acknowledge that this strategy is about holding his supporters for the future, not using the courts to change the results.

In using this premise, the Star‘s editorial is attempting to suggest that somehow the Biden campaign benefitted from election procedures that were not always timely or had some technical glitch.

It is not surprising that large urban areas would take longer to process the votes. There are only so many election personnel that they can employ. (Having worked as an election judge for Talbot County the work is tedious, thorough and most importantly administered in a very professional manner. Thankfully a small county like Talbot has an abundance of people ready to assist.)

The shift in preliminary vote totals in some states from Trump to Biden, was the product of Trump’s incessant demand that in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic his supporters vote on election day thus skewing the results. He was responsible for the lower GOP early voting turnout as well as the distorted mail-in voting results. Your editorial fails to place the chaos where it rightfully belongs.

But your editorial couldn’t stop there. It revealed a false assertion. It claimed biased censorship since several social media outlets were deemed unduly harsh on “conservative voices.” The social media companies had to do something to temper the blatant lies and distortions that were running rampant. Unless you are saying that conservative views are synonymous with lies there is no evidence that conservative ideas were not shared through social media. It is estimated that some 20 percent of Americans receive their news solely from social media. Just as mainstream media outlets whether the Star, the Post, New York Times, CBS, etc., exercise some restraint on content, social media organizations should do the same.



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