The year 2020 has seen a rash of issues that have affected every phase of our lives. The coronavirus has affected everything from work to play. The resultant economic slowdown internationally, relations with longtime friends, natural disasters and business setbacks. These are all areas where we can find a common ground and hopefully work our way thru.

However, nothing we experience, no matter how troublesome or severe, should cause us to treat another as we have witnessed over the past few weeks. You do not have to like one another, but we do have to work together. Civility is essential. It is a hard old world out there and getting tougher. Every idea is not going to work out but, at least give it a try and be considerate. We are close to rock bottom when we start placing individuals into groups by race, religion, or sexual preference and using that as a reason for ideas failing.

How about a pat on the back, an encouraging word, a willingness to try new ideas or procedures? Some changes have been made and surely more will come. We have a great town that has stumbled recently but I am confident, will be great again. Everyone is having challenges. With all the obstacles we are facing, it seems like we are a boat in a storm. We need to all start rowing together, in the same direction and get to where we need to be. Stop the name calling and work together.



Town of Easton

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