As a member of several Civil War organizations, I have spent many years both preserving historical areas and enlightening individuals through living history educational experiences. I have always felt that the best pathway to a better future is through an understanding of the past. Talbot County has a rich past that is little understood my most people today. Although slavery ended at the conclusion of the Civil War, racism in America did not. Racism was not confined to the Confederacy, nor to the United States for that matter, nor is it solely a black versus white issue. Racism exists today. Slavery exists today. These institutions will not be overcome by destroying monuments. They will not be overcome by hiding the past. They will not be overcome by exclusion as there are sure to be ancestors of Confederate soldiers living in Talbot County. They will not be overcome by branding people racist. They will be overcome by open dialog, education, and working together to achieve a common purpose. I believe that Councilwoman Laura Price’s proposed resolution is a good way to start this process in a way that depicts a true history of Talbot County, a story that is well worth telling.


Millsboro, Del.

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