On election day over 145 million Americans exercised the most sacred privilege and freedom given to them in our country, the right to vote.

It was exciting to cast my vote and to see many other people standing on line to do the same. We should all be congratulated. As a country we did ourselves proud.

The editorial in the Sunday Star titled “Critical crossroads” did not offer that that kind of praise for what we had done. Instead, the editorial talked about voter fraud that needs to be investigated while offering no evidence of possible voter fraud and seeming to denigrate the work of the thousands of poll workers that compiled the American votes. The only people that have raised this theory are the president, Mr. Harris, and a few devoted supporters.

The editorial went on to express concern that the president-elect, Mr. Biden, might be planning harsh and unnecessary measures to control COVID-19. Mr. Biden has been crystal clear about his plan to provide a cohesive plan to get the virus under control and our economy back to full strength. He has expressed his intention to rely on sound scientific public health data, something President Trump has refused to do.

I realize that our county and much of the Eastern Shore has many supporters of Mr. Trump and Mr. Harris. Perhaps, that is why the Star chose to offer those ideas to support those who support Mr. Trump and Mr. Harris.

But Americans stood up and spoke in this election. Let us all appreciate and respect what we, as Americans, did on election day to support our democracy.



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