“Who had the best quote contest” seems to be the best descriptor for this week’s town meeting that was held on September 7, 2021. The contestants were the recently appointed commissioner Aida Kahlil and David Henry Breimhurst, both members of the famous (or is that infamous) gang known as SMAC.

Aida had volume and history on her side and would be tough to beat in this heads-up match. Here are some of her utterings...

“This town has gotten ugly”

“I am not with the KKK”

“Stop attacking each other”

But my favorite Aida quote came from a meeting on July 14th where she indicated she wasn’t sure what it was but said she was “looking forward to the NEW DIRECTION.” It wasn’t too long after this comment that she was appointed to the vacant seat.

Then there was David Henry. He had a light week. Often he likes to make long somewhat boring prepared statements but this week there was just the one memorable moment. It happened when he said...”This whole business of the town going in a new direction did not come from the commissioners of St. Michaels.” As I watched him, I saw people bent over in laughter and I chuckled a bit too. But, David didn’t stop there, he went on to say... “It was part of a private conversation between us (the COSM) and the former town manager (Jean Weisman). And we made it clear that we wanted to go in a NEW DIRECTION administratively.”

Sounds to me like David was desperately trying to convince us that no one ever heard him say what we heard him say...he’s beginning to remind me of a former president.

As far as who the winner is, I will leave that to the reader to determine for themselves. My own preference would have to be Breimhurst if for no other reason than he didn’t take us through one of his 4 Ps speeches again.


St. Micheals

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