At the onset of this letter, so that there is no room for misconception, slavery is very wrong. Kneeling on a man’s throat until he dies is very wrong also. With this having been said, we suggest visiting “Black Lives Matter” from a slightly different perspective than what we have seen in the last several months. We suggest that when we hear “Black Lives Matter,” that rather than think only of George Floyd, that we think also of President Barack Obama, General Colin Powell, Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary Condoleezza Rice, Justice Clarence Thomas, and Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier to name just a very few successful Black Lives.

It is interesting to study the backgrounds of the folks mentioned because when we do, we find that there was always someone to challenge or encourage them, or both. To follow up with this thought, shouldn’t there be a focus on this phase of young black people’s lives, i.e. a mentor or a hero to emulate? We suggest that the media might elect to pursue the successes of “Black Lives Matter” rather than their failures. We shall all be better off for it, both Black and white.


St. Michaels

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