Recently, I received a text from someone containing a copied and pasted Facebook post. Other than Instagram, I do not personally visit or participate on social media though lately have heard stories about Facebook posts attacking citizens over the Washington Street Plaza controversy. I was dismayed to read one such excerpt in the text I received. The venomous tone spoke more about the author than the subject. What ever happened to resolving differences privately? Since when did public opinion become judge and jury in our society? Probably for sometime actually, but never before at the levels we see and hear today. It is true that unfounded public accusations and slanders have existed throughout history, but are we not capable of dismissing such rhetoric and allowing the truth to be revealed through actions not words? And, by actions, I do not mean to suggest we bring back duels to resolve disputes. By actions, I mean behaviors demonstrative of our characters in deeds and endeavors. We can rise above this turmoil; we are a strong community. There are many paths and ideas that we can follow and weave together to achieve a positive outcome. While all may not be satisfied or benefit equally, we must never stop trying to find common ground and do so in a civil manner.



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