Re: Mac Ward’s erroneous letter: COVID CAN be spread by people lacking symptoms. One of the reasons it’s so hard to control is because each infected person spreads it to between 4 and 6 people. With the seasonal flu, you would spread it to less than 1 other person — R0 (the reproduction number that represents the degree with which contagious diseases spread) of the flu is 0.8 I believe.

The reason Maryland is doing relatively well is because of our mask mandate. Thank you Gov. Hogan!

The nationwide fatalities have actually been understated.

Herd immunity will kill all the healthcare workers before it is realized, so there’s that. Vaccination has historically provided herd immunity for past diseases but he discredits them. His anti-vaxxing garbage goes along with the rest of his falsehoods.

Shame on the Star Democrat for publishing this letter full of so much misinformation. I know your policy is to publish them all, but you should draw the line somewhere.



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