Critical Race Theory is already invading our Maryland schools. This philosophy is teaching our children in grade school, colleges and universities that students must rank themselves according to their color, emphasizing that a white Christian person is an oppressor who must atone for their privilege. Think how this could effect a young child.

The critical race guru, Ibram X Kendi, advocates an equity form of control that would eliminate freedom of speech for all, eliminate private property ownership and replace the American way of life thru race based distribution of wealth. This is Marxism. This is similar to the Woke theory.

All children need to be taught that everyone was created in God’s image; treat other’s as they would want to be treated and that education with hard work can lead to successful lives.

We must stop this madness. Too many Americans have an acute fear of speaking up about harmful social and political issues, especially involving race. We must educate ourselves about this dangerous agenda. Take courage to stand up and speak the truth. If we can muster the courage, truth and compassion for all peoples can win.

Stop Critical Race theory.




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