I am addressing the driver of the red car who passed me at high speed on the right side on Elliott Road Thursday the 25th at about one o'clock, horn blaring. You nearly caused an avoidable accident given that I was in the lane of traffic which was a single lane. My first thought was that you had an emergency, but once turning westbound on Rt 331 you resumed normal driving.

You know who you are. I would ask you to consider tempering your driving going forward. Unfortunately your vehicular performance was a more extreme case of what i see daily in Talbot County, namely aggressive, bullying, non-defensive driving, much of it done at excessive speed. Our roads and streets were not designed for vehicles with the size and power of today's, particularly when they are driven in the manner you exemplified. Had you damaged my car or injured my person be assured I would have pursued every legal avenue at my disposal to obtain redress.



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