I am a long time subscriber to the Star Democrat, and as I am now retired, and travel out of county for most of the year, I generally read the paper via the internet. I wonder if anyone on your editorial staff has attempted to do that lately? I understand that the economics of the news business require the sale of advertising, and I do not object to all the adds, including those that flash, move, and jump about on screen, but as now constituted, your electronic edition continuously moves the page around so frequently that any reasonable attempt to read content is nearly impossible.

One starts to read, and suddenly the material of interest moves off screen and some add bounces in. After readjusting, it happens again, and again. I could understand this if the access to your electronic edition were via free to the public posting on the internet, but I am a paying, logged in, subscriber, simply trying to read the news. Surely you can do better than this.



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