I have just returned from my evening dog walk and am deeply disappointed that the powers that be over at the grain processing facility on Brookletts Avenue opted to remove the enormous nest that a pair of raptors (young bald eagles I believe) had methodically assembled atop its highest platform. It was a spectacular site! And the birds had chosen well as the area is absolutely overrun with rabbits and cats. While I have nothing against rabbits and cats, their presence in such high numbers is problematic, for gardeners and birds especially, and calls out for a moderating influence which the eagles naturally supplied. It is possible that the nest, being perched in that location, was interfering in some way with the granary’s operation. In that case it is unfortunate that the authorities didn’t move the nest onto a simple plywood board in or near that same location. The aerie and forthcoming brood, or convocation as a group of eagles is called, would have provided a fascinating, educational glimpse into the natural world for the residents of town and helped curtail the rabbit/ feline cat population.

Perhaps we should start to embrace mother nature’s solutions for our problems. As in other realms, eliminating moderating influences is extremely shortsighted.



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