While conducting research into Talbot’s United States Colored Troops (USCT) who fought in the Civil war, I was struck by so many family names I recognized as those of my childhood friends while growing up in Talbot. I thought how proud these families would be when they see their ancestor’s names on the unity monument.

Today, I am struck by how many names of those in opposition to the unity monument that I do not recognize. Since the opposition to the Unity monument was instantaneous, I am sure little thought was given to asking these families what they think about their ancestors being so honored.

This is of little surprise, many of those who oppose this idea seem to believe their progressive consciousness is so advanced that they know what is best for our community - both black and white. With this amount of enlightenment, they had no need to check historical facts before making public allegations that the Talbot Boys monument was “only” erected to oppress people of color - an accusation proved false by the research of the Preserve Talbot History coalition. (Sources at www.preservetalbothistory.org)

Other accusations made by this group have also been proven unfounded. They claimed that the “only” reason our Talbot ancestors rose was to fight for slavery. This has been shown to be an extremist allegation by the research of the Preserve Talbot History coalition. They claimed that they represent the “majority” of Talbot citizens - also shown unfounded by the good citizens of Talbot placing 300 yard signs on their properties so their voices could be heard.

This group has been grossly negligent by making extreme and unfounded allegations without conducting basic due diligence. There extremist views are meant to manipulate many good-hearted citizens of Talbot to support their cause. They have made extreme allegations against our County council members with the intent to invoke fear in others that they also would be similarly labeled if they stand in their way.

It is time for our citizens to understand that this issue has nothing to do with the statue. This is about this group legitimizing their extremist views of Talbot’s history so they can move on to their “next step” of dictating to us how we must reconcile. Make no mistake – If they get their way and have this statue removed this extremist view of Talbot’s history will become the new reality.



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