Many societies/cultures/countries have tried these failed plans of “mice and men” and they have quickly experienced “the bottom falling out” of their previously comfortable and successful cultures/lives!

Even the Puritans attempted their own version of the misguided “woke Utopia.” A monstrous scam perpetrated throughout history by totalitarians. There always seem to be a fresh supply of fools and freeloaders who care about nothing but their immediately needs/pleasures, and gratefully, it seems allow their freedoms to be taken away!

To return to the Puritans, who came to this free land escaping murderous kings and potentates, they found too many of their number who would not “sow and reap” their crops and others who refused to “hunt and gather”, to the point where starvation nearly wiped them out!

When the marxists are allowed to flourish, what you get is terror in the streets like the attack on an outspoken critic like Michelle Malkin, or even a young Jane Q. Citizen mother who proclaims “all lives matter,” by BLM thugs!

Will the Democrats fix this mess they created?



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