The publication Wednesday (March 18) of the rant by Jim Patchett was offensive to me. His vitriol toward evangelists and Trump leads him to express several irrational arguments.

He says that anything Payne Kilbourn says about climate is false because he does not have a doctorate in climatology nor papers in a peer-reviewed journal. His faith in peer-reviewed papers is misplaced. Numerous studies have shown a high error rate in peer-reviewed papers. I have personally benefited from questioning the results in a peer-reviewed paper.

I am an evangelist who has a government certification as a scientist. I suspect that Jim Patchett has neither of those qualifications. Therefore, by his standard, I should consider his rants as false. However, I choose to challenge his statements on their content rather than his supposed qualifications.

He provides a ridiculous characterization of evangelicals and says that they should not spearhead the effort to control the new virus. Anyone who has watched the daily briefings of the virus task force surely recognizes that it is populated by scientists with strong credentials. They are not casting out demons rather than ordering test kits.



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Well said, Mr. Peters

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