Today, in the middle of a snow storm, our delivery service left a package in the snow, on the road, in front of my mailbox. Yes, so many of us have been voicing anger and realistic concerns about the significant delays in posting and receiving our mail. I did send Christmas cards during the first week of December and learned from friends and family that they did not receive this loving gesture until the end of January. Over the past year, I have called Fedex and USPS numerous times, regarding their incompetent and lazy delivery personnel tossing my packages against my garage door — and I almost ran over these possessions while backing out of my garage. Packages have been left on my driveway and on the road as demonstrated today, merchandise that could have been stolen or damaged.

I am most compassionate about those citizens who were late in paying their bills and tax payments due to the inefficiency of our mail service. Recently, I have been reading articles about how our government will be alerting and penalizing the postal/shipping services in our country. It is about time that this unacceptable service be rectified and there will be a resumption of efficient and trustworthy service that is paid for and not free by those who do need to ship and receive packages, letters and obligated to pay their bills on time. Let us come together and inform our legislators to act upon our behalf which is their role and obligation.



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