I am writing in response to the amount of space you provided to Rep. Harris to publish his views of gun control on March 14, 2021.

Even before his seditious behavior surrounding the last election, Harris was a well-known Trump sycophant. He has even endorsed Rep. Greene of Georgia who thinks Jews have space lasers. I believe Harris is a loyal follower of Trump’s American fascist movement where loyalty to the truth and the United States are crimes punishable by death. Still, is it at least possible that Harris wrote the truth in his views of gun control? I think not, but that debate is way beyond the scope of this letter. Just as an example, he cites Baltimore as proof of the failure of reasonable gun control. Okay, but how about Louisiana? They have very loose gun control and the number of gun deaths per capita far exceeds Maryland. (By the way, I’ve been a gun owner my entire life, and I hold marksmanship metals for competitive shooting.)

But the prime purpose of this email to remind your editors that Harris has far more avenues to spread his poison than The Star Democrat. He has a government-funded website, a large number of government employees to run public relations for him, a government-funded email account with no limits on usage, and the ability to send snail mail without paying postage. I don’t like that my tax dollars go to support his treasonous activities.

Now, to make matters worse, I’m paying for The Star Democrat that provides him free space to spread his right-wing propaganda. Please stop publishing his garbage. He doesn’t need you. If you want to support Harris, just publish a link to his government-funded website. Don’t make your subscribers pay for his lies.



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